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CCIX Consortium Releases CCIX® Base Specification 1.1 with Support for 32GT/s

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CCIX 概述- 白皮书 这份白皮书介绍CCIX标准的主要特性,并说明它为何会被快速采纳及长期支持。

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About CCIX

The CCIX® Consortium was founded to enable a new class of interconnect focused on emerging acceleration applications such as machine learning, network processing, storage off-load, in-memory data base and 4G/5G wireless technology.

To learn more, watch this animated video outlining the benefits the CCIX Standard provides to accelerators and other peripheral products.

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CCIX™概述- 白皮书 这份白皮书介绍CCIX标准的主要特性,并说明它为何会被快速采纳及长期支持。在这里阅读更多

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