For the first time in the industry, a single interconnect technology specification will ensure that processors using different instruction set architectures (ISA) can coherently share data with accelerators such as GPUs, FPGAs, and Smart Network Accelerators, enabling efficient heterogeneous computing and significantly improving compute efficiency for servers running data center workloads.

CCIX is optimized to allow processors based on different instruction set architectures to extend their cache coherency to accelerators. These highly capable accelerators become ‚Äúfirst-class citizens‚ÄĚ in the processor system, in that they become, from a software programming view, similar to a core or accelerator within the on-die coherency domain of a multi-core processor. The availability of CCIX technology from multiple vendors will give system¬†designers the flexibility in choosing the right combination of heterogeneous components to address the specific needs of their systems.

The CCIX specification is available today to member companies, allowing designers to start implementing the standard today for new products.

Any organization can apply to be a member of the CCIX consortium. Download the participation agreement below and send a signed copy back to CCIX Administration.

Participation Agreement

Governing Documents