GDPR Notice



This Informed Consent (“Consent”) is provided by CCIX Consortium, Inc. (“CCIX” ) pursuant to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (the “GDPR”).

This Consent is presented to you in your status as an individual (“You” or “Data Subject” or “Your”) who is: (i) participating in, making contributions to, and/or supporting any meetings, work groups, activities, collaborative efforts, other events or work products (including without limitation any standards or specifications) sponsored, supported, operated or distributed (in whole or in part) by or on behalf of CCIX (“CCIX Activities”); and/or (ii) using any programs, technology platforms, or other benefits of any kind offered by or on behalf of CCIX (“CCIX Benefits”). This includes, without limitation, any individual acting as a representative of, or otherwise on behalf of, a CCIX Member as part of that CCIX Member’s participation in any such CCIX Activities or use of any such CCIX Benefits.


By assenting to this Notice and Informed Consent, You hereby give Your consent and authorization to collect from You the following personal data (“Personal Data”)

  • First and last name
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number
  • Mobile number
  • Fax number
  • Physical address
  • Company name
  • Title/position
  • The Internet Protocol Address or other types of unique identifiers related to You and Your device (“Unique Identifiers”) which are automatically generated during Your use of any CCIX website (“CCIX Website”).

CCIX may use Your Personal Data for the following purposes:

(i) to facilitate participation, cooperation, and collaboration in CCIX Activities and/or use of CCIX Benefits by and amongst CCIX, You, all CCIX Members, as well as the CCIX Member or entity that You represent;

(ii) to provide Your Personal Data to all CCIX Members, as well as the CCIX Member or  entity that You represent, in order to provide them with information or other notifications regarding Your participation in CCIX Activities and/or use of CCIX Benefits;

(iii) to provide Your Personal Data to any association management company engaged by CCIX to assist CCIX in gathering, collecting, recording, organizing, processing, storing and/or retaining Your Personal Data in order to allow You to participate in CCIX Activities and/or use any CCIX Benefits;

(iv) to provide Your Personal Data to CCIX collaboration partners such as other Standards Organizations (“Collaboration Partners”) to facilitate CCIX collaborations with these Collaboration Partners; 

(v) to provide Your Personal Data to CCIX’s professional advisors such as attorneys or accountants (“Outside Professionals”) in order to facilitate the professional advice from those Outside Professionals (collectively, the “Permitted Uses”); and

(vi) to use Your Unique Identifiers to allow the CCIX Website to automatically transmit and use cookies, web beacons or other similar web technology in order to provide You with better access and use of any CCIX Website.   

These Permitted Uses may be modified by CCIX after giving reasonable notice to You.

CCIX will retain the Data Subject’s Personal Data for the minimally necessary amount of time to carry out the Permitted Uses.

Providing the Personal Data requested by CCIX is a condition of participating in the CCIX Activities and utilizing any of the CCIX Benefits. 

If You are unwilling to provide Your Personal Data, or in the future request that Your Personal Date be erased (pursuant to the notification described below), You may be denied use or access to one or all of CCIX Activities or CCIX Benefits and/or any of the features or functionalities of the foregoing.

You have the right to withdraw  Your approval to all or part of this Consent at any time by giving notice to CCIX as outlined below. 

You have the right to request at any time that CCIX erase (i.e., remove and delete) and/or modify Your Personal Data, or that CCIX give you a copy of Your Personal Data, at Your cost (prepaid). This can be done by contacting the CCIX Administrator, who can be reached at the following email address:  

In the event you request that CCIX  erase (i.e., remove and delete) Your Personal Data you hereby acknowledge and agree the following: (a) by doing so CCIX has the right to deny You the ability to use or access any CCIX Website or to use or participate in any other goods or services provided by CCIX; and (b) CCIX has the right to retain an archival copy of certain Personal Data to the extent necessary for CCIX to satisfy or comply with its tax obligations (including without limitation for any tax audits by any governmental agency) or to otherwise comply with any other laws, regulations, court orders or subpoena.

You have the right to file a complaint with the applicable Supervisory Authority, as defined in the GDPR. 

CCIX contracts with an association management company (“AMC”) to gather, collect, record, organize, process, store and retain Your Personal Data.  CCIX’s contract with its AMC will provide that the AMC will be GDPR compliant.

CCIX may share Your Personal Data with other CCIX Members. CCIX has adopted a GDPR Compliance Statement which requires all CCIX Members who receive any Personal Data from other CCIX Members to only use that Personal Data in compliance with the GDPR.

CCIX may share Your Personal Data with its Collaboration Partners that CCIX engages with as part of CCIX’s efforts to promote its CCIX Activities or CCIX Benefits. CCIX will contract with these Collaboration Partners to provide that they will only use Your Personal Data in compliance with the GDPR.

CCIX may share Your Personal Data with or for use by CCIX’s Outside Professionals to facilitate the professional advice from those Outside Professionals.

CCIX may share Your Unique Identifiers with its third-party contractors, including its cloud providers, who assist CCIX in the hosting, maintenance or overall operation of any CCIX Website. 

 CCIX may share Your Personal Data or Unique Identifiers with any government agencies or third parties in order to comply with, or otherwise pursuant to, any subpoena, court order or other governmental order, law or regulation.