CCIX at SC’17

By Scott Knowlton, Synopsys November 14, 2017

Accelerators Cache Coherent Interconnect CCIX Data Center Demo SC'17 Scott Knowlton

If you are attending the SC17 conference in Denver this week, make sure you take the opportunity to see the presentations and demonstrations for CCIX (pronounced see-6). CCIX is the cache coherent interconnect protocol operating over the existing PCIe bus focusing on greater bandwidth between heterogeneous components from multiple companies providing processors, accelerators, and other intelligent system components.

At SC17 many members of the CCIX Consortium will be displaying “Proud Member” signs in their booths along with demonstrations by Xilinx and a talk on CCIX by Jon Masters of RedHat at 2 pm on Thursday, November 16 hosted by Mellanox Technologies.

In their booth at SC17, Xilinx will be demonstrating cache coherent packet forwarding acceleration for NFV platforms based on a CCIX capable CPU and Xilinx CCIX accelerator.  This demonstration highlights how CCIX greatly simplifies the data movement architecture between host and accelerators, resulting in faster movement of data.

For more information about CCIX at SC17, please see our Press Release

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