CCIX Standard Adoption Grows With Green Computing Consortium MOU

By CCIX Consortium April 12, 2019

CCIX Adoption Green Computing Consortium

As technology standards emerge and begin to grow in adoption, inevitably there are opportunities to collaborate between industry consortiums and standards bodies to expand  opportunities for the mutual benefit of each ecosystem.

This week the CCIX Consortium and the Green Computing Consortium (GCC) announced a joint collaboration to benefit the green computing server ecosystems. As part of the memorandum of understanding, GCC and CCIX will jointly promote the awareness and the adoption of CCIX technology in the green computing server ecosystem.

Today’s heterogeneous compute architectures leverage accelerators to complete today’s compute tasks faster and with lower power consumption than the processor working on its own. CCIX’s non-proprietary standard allows accelerators to take advantage of the additional bandwidth and reduced latency and while benefiting from lower power consumption.

“The CCIX Consortium is honored to collaborate with the Green Computing Consortium in the promotion of the CCIX Standard among the GCC membership,” said Gaurav Singh, Chairman, CCIX Consortium. “This collaboration is further validation of our leadership in coherent interconnect technologies and will enable servers based on the GCC specifications to provide outstanding performance.”

This increase in efficiency complements the GCC green computing standards framework and as a result, GCC has recommended CCIX as one of the pillar technologies to further the green computing ecosystem and included CCIX as an essential requirement in the GCC server standards reference guide.

One of the biggest advantages the CCIX Standard offers is that it remains completely neutral to the instruction set architecture (ISA) being used. As companies look to design servers that are cost effective and energy efficient, CCIX’s ISA neutrality provides an opportunity to architect a heterogeneous system that focuses on the systems system requirements for bandwidth, latency and power consumption without worrying about the different ISAs when using devices from different manufacturers  for the processors or application specific accelerators.

It is an honor to collaborate with the Green Computing Consortium to advance high-performance, low-power green computing with heterogeneous cache coherent acceleration architectures in the server ecosystem. We are encouraged to see how the industry is recognizing the benefits of the CCIX standard – whether for increased bandwidth speeds, cache coherency, or greater power efficiency.

To learn more about this collaboration, read the CCIX/GCC joint press release here.

For additional coverage of the signing ceremony and announcement from Chinese press, visit (translation required).


GCC Chairman of the Board of Directors Mei Hong and CCIX Chairman Gaurav Singh
CCIX Consortium representatives: CCIX Vice President Kenneth Ma, CCIX Chairman Gaurav Singh, and Technical Steering Committee Chair Millind Mittal