FMS 2019: Memory Expansion and Storage Acceleration with CCIX Technology

By Matt Baxter February 7, 2020

In addition to providing cache coherency, CCIX also allows coherently attached memory expansion, whether volatile or non-volatile. CCIX provides ways for the system to describe to the operating systems’ paged memory to include CCIX device attached memory. By extending the basic premise of existing cache coherent interconnects to accelerators, CCIX enables accelerator memory to be included in the paged system memory available to the application for direct high performance cacheable accesses.

This presentation, presented at Flash Memory Summit 2019 by Ravi Kiran Gummaluri of Xilinx on behalf of the CCIX Consortium, addresses how the CCIX standard enables systems to realize the benefits of increased system memory capacity, power-performance benefits of near-memory processing and inclusion of persistent memory in the system memory pool in applications like Redis and MongoDB.