Saying Goodbye to a Great 2018 and Anticipating an Exciting 2019!

By Scott Knowlton, Synopsys; CCIX Marketing Work Group Chair January 17, 2019

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As we wrapped up a great year in 2018, we shared a number of highlights with our members. And what a year it was. 2018 was a year of building momentum for the CCIX standard as products enable support for seamless acceleration in heterogeneous computing environments.

I’m excited to share with you just a few of the CCIX Consortium highlights from last year and some upcoming news that we shared with members.

Growing the CCIX Ecosystem

In 2018, the CCIX Consortium grew to 54 members, further strengthening the already solid hardware and software ecosystem enabled by the broad representation of industry leaders that are members of the CCIX Consortium. As we continue to build momentum, it is essential that we have the help of like-minded and innovative companies.

With our members’ help, the CCIX Consortium evangelized the benefits of CCIX at three industry events – ISC18, ARM TechCon and SC18. In addition to CCIX presentations at these events, Consortium members Xilinx, Synopsys and Cadence provided CCIX technology demonstrations in the CCIX booth. If you haven’t seen these product demos yet, you can find out more here:

  • The Xilinx demo at ISC18 highlighted the value of CCIX technology for KVS (key-value-store) applications based on actual host SoC and FPGA with CCIX technology
  • The Cadence 7nm 25G PHY demo at Arm TechCon featured two independent CCIX links: one with 16Gbps TX & RX loopback (w/ long-reach channel) and the other link operating at 25G
  • The Synopsys CCIX demo at SC18 showed a complete end-to-end CCIX link operating at up to 25Gb/s data rates featuring Synopsys’ CCIX PHY and controller IP

2019 Is Off To a Great Start

Even though 2019 is just getting started, there are already some significant plans that build on the great work members accomplished last year. Already, members have begun to announce new CCIX products and strategies, and we anticipate more as the ecosystem responds.

We are anticipating attendance at Xilinx Developer Forum, ArmTechCon and SC19, and are planning to support members at other industry events. Look for more CCIX product announcements and make sure to stop by the CCIX and members’ booths when you’re at events. Always look for the proud member signs.

We are looking forward to making 2019 even more successful by continuing to broaden the industry’s awareness and adoption of the CCIX standard and showcasing member’s CCIX products.

Make sure you check in with us here on the CCIX blog, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn, and subscribe to the CCIX YouTube channel to stay informed about all the great things happening in the industry through our members and the CCIX Consortium.