New CCIX Enabled Development Platform Spurs Opportunities for Adoption

By Jeff Defilippi, Arm; CCIX Board Of Directors Treasurer March 5, 2019

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As my fellow CCIX colleague Scott Knowlton highlighted in a recent blog, 2018 was a year of building momentum with a strengthening hardware and software ecosystem that was highlighted with the hardware platforms, demos and technical talks at Arm Techcon and SC18.

To add to the growing list of available CCIX platforms, Arm in collaboration with fellow CCIX members Cadence, TSMC and Xilinx announced the Neoverse N1 System Development Platform (SDP).  It’s always exciting to see real hardware in action and we are looking forward to demonstrating CCIX capabilities.

I was thinking back to all the hard work and collaboration that it took to get here.  I remember my first CCIX meeting with a full room discussing priorities for system topologies and data transfer models.  Since that time, there has been a focus and energy to define the interconnect technology with the software support needed to enable efficient and performant virtualized accelerated applications.

The momentum continues, but CCIX is at a transition point.  With the production specification, ecosystem, and hardware now in place the focus is shifting to software development and workload analysis which will lead to the eventual production deployment.

Stay tuned as we will be sharing our results and findings throughout the year.

And, we continue to invite the industry to join with us in developing a non-proprietary chip-to-chip interconnect standard.